Joseph Academy

Excellence in Special Education - Since 1983

Our Mission

Joseph Academy serves children and adolescents with behavioral, emotional and learning disorders by helping them develop the social, academic and vocational skills they need to function successfully in society.

Michael Schack’s passion for helping children is what prompted him to open  Joseph Academy on Valentine's Day 1983. He and his staff are dedicated to recognizing the value in young people who often come from troubled environments or who have been marginalized or neglected most of their lives.  The ultimate goal is to transform these young people into achievers who can effectively reenter the mainstream.  The Joseph Academy staff are trained to "catch kids being good" and affirm their self worth through constant interaction. Joseph Academy staff include special education teachers, social workers, teaching assistants, vocational education personnel,  a program consultant, psychologist, nurse and physical education teachers.


The History of a "School of Hope"

Mike Schack sold his home and used the proceeds he received to open Joseph Academy. The very first program opened with three students enrolled on February 14, 1983 on Harrison Street in Niles, IL. Joseph Academy serves about 200 students across all programs. Our newsest campus in DuPage opened in the fall of 2012.  This location is unique in its approach to serving children K-12 who exhibit emotional challenges, learning disabilities, and other health impairments.  This program is offering a teaching and core curriculum model that promotes differentiated instruction, transition services, and a variety of supportive services for both students and their families.